Old Hallsands

Here are a few photos of the old village that was destroyed early in the last century.



The old village was about half a mile to the south of the new village known in full as North Hallsands. You can just see the valley in which North Hallsands now sits in the middle right of the above photograph.

The old village was built on what can best be described as a long rock platform at the foot of steep cliffs  There were houses on either side of a road that ran along the coast as far as (we believe) Torcross.  If you wanted to point a camera from the same vantage point today you would need a boat, but all you would see close by would be a few battered ruins, the remains of the rock platform and, if you were to look particularly carefully, holes that were carved in the cliff to take floor joists.

Further away on top of the cliff is Prospect House – now developed as rather flash apartments – and the old chapel which still stands, but now without its roof.

Note the beach. That’s gone too – the sea now laps at the rocks. This is not down to sea level rise – it’s because so much shingle was dredged from the bay in the last century. The shingle beach is still there at North Hallsands. Sometimes it is washed away by big seas, but it always (we hope) comes back – unlike the beach in the picture that has gone forever.


Scan4  On the right of this picture stands the great great grandfather of Tim Lynn who lives in the new village of North Hallsands and who gave us the pictures. People who know Tim say the family resemblance is remarkable, but then we tell them that we don’t mean the dog. Tim himself appears in the picture of the road repairs carried out in 1969.


Scan3 The village wasn’t ruined overnight. This early damage to the road looks eerily familiar.