After the 2014 repairs



This is what the beach looks like now. Difficult to tell that anything was wrong earlier in the year, but the high tide shouldn’t be a the foot of the sea defences. Most of our shingle is still somewhere out in the bay, but we are much luckier than the villages further up the coast like Beesands and Torcross which have hardly any beach at all.

As you can see in the next picture the boats are back on the beach.



Compare this with the pictures on the ‘after the storm’ page. Where the boats are was a huge muddy hole. We have to thank Tim, Graham and Tommy who have between them shifted tons and tons of shingle to fill up it up. So hard have they worked that we have been able to welcome boats from other villages as well.

Nevertheless, when the tide drops a little the peat is still showing through. We sometimes see this for a few days after big winter storms but this year it will show for the whole summer unless there are a few unseasonal big easterlies.