DCC about road

Here it is in plain text:

Freedom of Information Request
Ref: 04933

Request and response from Devon County Council:

In the last few days councillors and officers have been heard to say words to the effect that the highway authority has somehow shed itself of its responsibility for that part of the highway that runs from co-ordinates (latitude and longitude) 50.23818; -3.65994 (northern limit) and 50.23707; 3.65902 (southern limit) at North Hallsands. Please answer the following:

1. Does the highway authority still accept responsibility for that section of road?
Yes the section of road is Public Highway Maintainable at Public Expense.

2. If so, are there any qualifications to that responsibility?

3. If there are qualifications please provide copies of all documents relevant to the decision to impose those qualifications, including but not limited to agendas, minutes, memoranda, letters, e-mails, text messages, notes of telephone conversations.

4. If the council has shed its authority please:
a) state when that decision was made and provide copies of all documents (as defined above) relevant to that decision;

b) state how council tax payers were informed of the highway authority’s intention so to do:

b) state what process of closure was followed;

c) provide copies of all submissions from members of the public concerning that decision;

d) provide copies of any notices (published or otherwise) announcing that decision.


5. At some time during 1996 a public body caused sea defences in the form of boulders to be placed along the foreshore at North Hallsands in Devon. Was this work commissioned by this authority (or its predecessor) and if so what was the total cost of the works?
We believe that the work was undertaken by Devon County Council. Unfortunately the financial information is no longer held. The majority of financial information (manual and computerised) is destroyed after 6 years therefore it has been destroyed in line with our records retention policy.

Date of Request: 03/03/2014
Date of Disclosure: 18/03/2014

And here is where you can see the original of the council’s response: Information Request 04933 (2) DCC re road