Let’s get it straight

10 March 2014

We welcome comments, even if they don’t seem as supportive as they might, but lets get things straight.

North Hallsands is built around the houses that were built to provide homes for the villagers who were displaced from the old village – some of their descendants still live here.

Yes there are new houses here, but houses don’t get built without planning consent and planning consent implies an acceptance (definitely morally and probably legally) by the local authorities to maintain access and sea defences. Ii would be madness if it were otherwise.

The road is a highway and is the responsibility of the County Council just like any other highway in Devon or anywhere else. The sea defences were put in place and have been restored at least once by Devon County Council. There is no argument about this – the argument is about whether DCC have the right to walk away from their responsibilities.

And those are the points that we have been making in various media interviews today. The politicians and the council officers want it all to go away, but it won’t. Quite the contrary, interest is growing.  There really is a lot of support out there. What motivates people, I believe, is the British intolerance of injustice.

Stay tuned, folks, because we believe that we are beginning to unearth some dirty dealings by the authorities somewhere.


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