The end of a hectic week

Friday 7 March 2014

Blogging has been rather neglected because of the pressure of other activities, so lets give it another go.

So far this week we have made it onto the BBC web pages, BBC Spotlight, Plymouth Herald and the Kingsbridge Gazette and received a lot of support via Twitter. We must be doing something right, but I’m not sure what it is.

The urgent work of restoring the sea defences is well under way, but it’s  funded by residents of the houses most directly threatened (yes, you did read that correctly and yes Mr Cameron did make all sorts of promises about money being no object, but then remember he’s a politician).

The line taken by local politicians is also worth examining.  About seven years ago planning consent was granted for five new houses to be built just back from the beach. Their access is via a public highway and their continued existence depends on the maintenance of the sea defences. Planning was granted by South Hams district council and, as is required by law, Devon County Council and the Environment Agency were consulted during the process.

Between them they covered roads, sea defences, flooding, coastal erosion and a lot more so you’d think that if there had been no intention of maintaining  the sea defences or the road someone might have said something, wouldn’t you? You might even think that given the resulting short life expectancy of the properties planning consent might have been refused. You would of course be wrong.

The sea defences have been breached and the road has been destroyed. And how have those authorities behaved? The local County Councillor, an old etonian by the name of Julian Brazil, has been going from place to place saying that the County Council will do nothing and that the purchasers alone are to blame for their plight for they should have known that the properties had a limited life span.

You couldn’t make it up.

Monday 3 March 2014

Its the end of a hectic day setting up the website and our Twitter account.

Dale and Tim have appeared on BBC Spotlight news followed by the good doctor Wollaston MP. Dale and Tim were great and put our case rather well. Not sure whose case our MP was putting. Does she represent her constituents in parliament or parliament to her constituents?

What we can’t understand is why there is such a problem in granting our small village a few thousand pounds for sea defences when tens if not hundreds of thousands are being spent a mile or so up the coast.

To put it at its most basic government and local politicians have betrayed Hallsands again.

Come on Mr Cameron where is the money that was no object?


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