The boats are back

18 May 2014

Thanks to Tim, Graham and Tommy we now have somewhere to put the boats. They have shifted tons of shingle and filled in the big hole in front of the winch.

Before they did this there was no way that that fishing boats would be operating from the beach this summer and the sticky clay would not have been very attractive to holiday makers.

It is interesting that local politicians are keen to drone on about promoting the local economy. This does not, of course, mean that they will do anything. The local economy of Hallsands is not something that would trouble economists calculating the country’s GDP, but there is fishing in the summer and the beach attracts visitors who appreciate peace and quiet.

What have local authorities done to help? Well, a few years ago South Hams District Council failed to replace the public lavatories, after the storms Devon County Council refused to replace the rock armour and grudgingly offered money to fill the holes in the road with hardcore – no money to be squandered on tarmac of course. And no help from either with repairing the beach.

Strange that back in March or thereabouts a local councillor was heard to say that his main concern was the fishermen. Glad he was concerned, but did he do anything? I don’t think so.

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