Costs at Beesands

27 March 2014

FOIA answers are trickling in.

The latest is about SHDC spend at Beesands (posted under that name) and is somewhat enlightening. To summarise:

Total spend since 2006: £125,729 (the vast majority of which since 2012)

 Predicted spend for the remainder of this year £70,000 (now the question asked for spend in financial years so they will have to go some to spend £70,000 before April, but who knows where local authorities are concerned)

It is worth repeating our comments in the post of the FOIA:

This question is about how much has been/is being/will be spent by South Hams District Council (SHDC) at Beesands, which is just up the coast from Hallsands. Most of Beesands is protected by a concrete seawall built by the National Rivers Authority (the predecessor of the Environment Agency) in 1993 and extended about five years ago. The efforts and spending of SHDC have gone into maintaining the rock armour sea (boulders) defences to the north of the sea wall which protect the village green and an access road to five dwellings at Beesands Cellars.

The storm caused the rock armour at Beesands to slide down below the high tide level and so now there is little protection for the village green. Although SHDC is planning to spend a further £70,000 this is not for recovery of the rock armour, it is for some plastic sausages filled with shingle, or some such. Admittedly there was a longer stretch of rock armour at Beesands than at Hallsands, but it only took Tim five days to recover the lot. Meanwhile the machines at Beesands, hired at council-tax payers’ expense, stood idle, and at the time of writing are still idle.

A reminder: recovery and replacement of the rock armour at Hallsands cost £10,000.

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