This site is about the fight to save the coastal village of North Hallsands in Devon from the sea and from the even greater danger posed by politicians and the Environment Agency. You might have heard how the old village of Hallsands was destroyed in a storm of 1917 and how the damage would never have happened but for greed and corruption on the part of a few politicians and profiteers.

We are N2B, standing for No Second Betrayal,  a small group of villagers who are determined that the village will not go under a second time. This web site is very much under development so bear with us as we get a blog, a photo gallery and a few other things organised – we are learning as we go along.

If you love Hallsands as a resident, a holidaymaker, a fisherman, a walker, a birder join our campaign, get in touch and spread the word on social media. The politicians don’t care – this is the people’s campaign.

Our Twitter account is @NorthHallsands. Look out for hashtag #Hallsands. One day we hope to work out what they mean and how to use them!

e-mail: info@hallsands.org